Restore www and https:// in the Google Chrome Location Bar

After Chrome 76, Google stopped displaying the following in the location bar.

/ (the trailing slash)

For a little while there was a Chrome flag that would enable you to restore this important information, but now that’s been removed from Chrome as well.


The best option I’ve found to restore this information in the Google Chrome location bar is Google’s Suspicious Site Reporter extension.

Edit 06/11/2021: Google has reversed their decision, yay!

2 responses to “Restore www and https:// in the Google Chrome Location Bar”


    Version 78 has fucked up a number of features that I use multiple and in some cases many times per day. I get it, they want to dumb everything down so the average user can just click twice and follow AMP links and never pay a lick of attention to what they’re actually doing on the internet.

    But WHY REMOVE THE FLAGS?! Seriously, Google, go fuck yourselves, is my take on it. Unfortunately I’m forced to use their garbage browser for my job.

    You can constantly fuck up the things I need to use but you can’t fix the massive amount of RAM that your garbage program eats up? Fuck you, google.

    Paul, if you can find any way to restore these “trivial” subdomains, I’d appreciate it. I’ll check back here next week, hopefully you stumble on something.

    • So far, the extension you’ve suggested seems to be working, but I would very much prefer to not use any additional Google products and uninstall this extension as soon as possible. If you can find any other way to restore the subdomains, I’d greatly thank you.

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